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DAILY SKETCH 07/06/2014
A chibi pirate prince.Looks like he has a new tattoo.
DAILY SKETCH 07/05/2014
Continuing with the theme of: anime animals drawn with rounded lines, here is a kirin I got from Skippy originally. I took some liberties with his design (read: I gave him long hair and a long tail because I want to color hair.)
Happy 4th, friends. Me and soysage are chillin with some red white and blue vodka tonics.
DAILY SKETCH 07/04/2014
Doodle from a particularly slow class day. A sphinx lady that I have drawn before, ages ago.
DAILY SKETCH 07/03/2014
I thought I had posted bits of this earlier but.. I guess not.
A commission I’m working on.
DAILY SKETCH 06/28/2014I drew this *~*anime wolf*~* in the twenty minute break I had between classes. I thought I would try drawing a little differently from usual. My art is usually made up of a lot of sharp edges and shapes so I thought… why not draw something a little more rounded.
DAILY SKETCH 06/27/2014Started putting inks on this ages ago, just figured since the blog is going again I’d show another WIP.Gonna hate myself for all these shitty feathers.
DAILY SKETCH 06/26/2014Sketch blog is back for now. Been really busy lately with all kinds of stuff.Here’s a commission I took over on Lioden.
05/30/2014 DAILY SKETCH
Oh hey, added some flats to this! Still a lot of fiddly detail work to do but at least I settled on the color set.