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DAILY SKETCH 04/09/2014
A commission from FWA! Nonsense is pouring one out for his homie, Pikachu. 
DAILY SKETCH 04/08/2014
A WIP of something I had been working on ages ago, before the con. Probably won’t get back to it any time soon but here it is.
DAILY SKETCH 04/07/2014
The one and only badge that I both drew and completed at the con AND managed to scan. For Geo, a cool dude who is also a repeat customer.
I love working with this shade of green.
DAILY SKETCH 04/06/2014
The sketch portion of what will become a colored sketch. Commissioned by Nonsense at FWA, who is a cool dude and repeat customer.
He’s a rodent, Pikachu is a rodent, probably they should be pals.
04/05/2014 DAILY SKETCH
Not the last of all the badges I did, but the last one that I took a photo of. I think I have 3-4 badges that didn’t end up getting photographed at all that are out there, floating around.
Had a lot of fun with this one and my conbuddies were jealous I got to draw such a pretty and colorful character.
04/04/2014 DAILY SKETCH
I got to draw a TON of cute characters this past con. Gonna say that this one is also a contender for cutest.
04/03/2014 DAILY SKETCH
A badge for a good repeat customer of mine. 
04/02/2014 DAILY SKETCH
Easily one of the cutest characters I drew a badge of at the con.
04/01/2014 DAILY SKETCH
I’m sorry, I don’t have anything funny to post for April Fools. So here’s another cute conbadge for someone with a cute character.
03/31/2014 DAILY SKETCH
Conbadge submission dump continues. Cute badge for a cute character.